Course exploration based on the choices of Stanford students

Carta helps students learn about course choices

Carta helps students explore new fields, learn about classes, make thoughtful choices, and plan their workloads.

Carta is a research project

How does an informational platform affect students' course decision making? How do student pathways vary across demographic groups?

Carta helps educators observe how students move through college

What kind of classes do students consider but do not enroll? Do students explore courses across disciplines?


Using Latent Variable Models to Observe Academic Pathways

Nate Gruver, Ali Malik, Brahm Capoor, Chris Piech, Mitchell L. Stevens, Andreas Paepcke

Educational Data Mining

, 2019

Via: Illuminating Academic Pathways at Scale

Geoffrey Angus*, Richard Diehl Martinez*, Mitchell L. Stevens, Andreas Paepcke

Proceedings of the Sixth ACM Conference on Learning at Scale (L@S)

, 2019

How a Data-Driven Course Planning Tool Affects College Students’ GPA: Evidence from Two Field Experiments

Sorathan Chaturapruek, Thomas S. Dee, Ramesh Johari, René F. Kizilcec, Mitchell L. Stevens

Proceedings of the Fifth ACM Conference on Learning at Scale (L@S)

, 2018

Choices, Identities, Paths: Understanding College Students’ Academic Decisions

Mitchell L. Stevens, Monique H. Harrison, Marissa E. Thompson, Arik Lifschitz, Sorathan Chaturapruek

Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association (ASA)

, 2018


Carta Team

Lab Alumni

  1. Michael Bernstein - Assistant Professor, Computer Science
  2. Nick Chow - Master's Student, MS&E
  3. Benjamin Dvorak - Undergraduate Student
  4. Bradley Emi - Undergraduate Student
  5. Jocelyn Hickcox - Master's Student, Computer Science
  6. Dhruv Joshi - Master's Student, MS&E
  7. Nicholas Lai - Undergraduate Student
  8. Michelle Lam - Undergraduate Student
  9. Donny Li - Undergraduate Student
  10. Aaron Levett - Undergraduate Student
  11. Malo Marrec - Master's Student, MS&E
  12. Daniel Ortega - Undergraduate Student
  13. Cristobal Sciutto - Undergraduate Student
  14. Onkur Sen - Master's Student, Computer Science
  15. Margaret Shen - Undergraduate Student
  16. Krystal Smith - PhD Student, Graduate School of Education
  17. Po Tsui - Undergraduate Student
  18. Albert Tung - Undergraduate Student
  19. Serena Wong - Undergraduate Student


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